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Thrillride Ride Reviews


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On this page, you will find reviews of rides from me (Aaron) or my friend Andy.


Here is a list of "Thrillrides" that Aaron and Andy have rode and their ratings.

location: Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO
type: Hypercoaster

click here to listen to Vince Raulse, roller coaster critic, riding Mamba!

Some people will tell you that they dislike snakes, but here is one snake you are going to love. The Mamba. It is named after one of the the most feared and venomous snakes in the world, but it is one of the most sought-out roller coasters in the world. Mamba has been ranked one of the most thrilling, breath-taking experiences out there by coaster enthusiasts the world over. It starts out by going up the lift. You hear the ratchets and the chain clanking under you. As you get closer to the top, you start to show your other side, your fearsome side. Finally you are at the top. put your arms up and experience the sensation of plunging toward the ground at neckbreaking speed, then you go up to the top and go down a drop similar to the first one. After the second drop you speed around a 580 degree helix, you feel the G's growing heavier and heavier. Once out of the helix you go up a small hill then go down 5 small camelback hills. The train comes to a abrupt stop, then pulls in to the station.

Rating 100/100

Jack of a car; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here are some Mamba riders going down the first drop. (Above)

Twister II
location: Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver,CO
type: Wooden

Twister II is a very fun Wooden roller coaster, with a lot to offer. It twists and turns in,under and through itself many times (hence the name 'Twister'). You go up the lift then cruise down, in and around the the track. You feel an 'out of control feeling' when riding this wooden classic.

Rating: 78/100


Here is a good view of Twister II on a nice day. (Above)

Orient Express
location: Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO
type: Sit-down looper

Orient Express. It was the first rollercoaster I've ever ridden. I was 6 years old when I rode it. I still love it today. It has 6 great inversions, an awesome drop and intelocking loops. It runs through a ravine of trees and brush, so the whole thing is sort of 'relaxing'. It starts off with a good and fast first drop then it goes haywire.
you can't tell wich diretion you are going. After a while you pull into the station, get out of the seat and stumble out of the exit.

Rating 87/100


Here you see a picture of the Orient Express from the parking lot (Above)

The Sidewinder
location:Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver, CO
type:steel coaster

The Sidewinder packs quite a punch for such a little coaster. It has a good drop and it's loop is one of the best anywhere. After you go down the drop, go through the loop and then go up the hill, it does the whole thing backwards. It is a decent coaster worth riding.



Here is a shot of the sidewinders drop (Above).

location: Worlds of Fun, Kansas City,MO

Timberwolf is a solid coaster. It is very good for a wooden one. It has some decent air time on each hump or each drop.
It is similar to Twister II, except it has many more bunnyhops and mini-drops than Twister II.



As you can see from this pic, Timberwolf has many humps and drops(above).

Did you know?

The oldest operating roller coaster in the world, Leap the Dips, is a figure-eight design and its longest drop is nine feet. Pretty tame compared to todays standards, but is still a popular ride!