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Look at this page if you want to learn more 'coaster terms.



Not everyone knows lots of terms. Thats why I am making this section!


Helix-A major turn usually after a big drop.

Vertical G's-The sensation of being sucked into your seat.

Negative G's-The sensation of being lifted out of your seat,
'weightlessness'. Usually occurs on big drops.

Lateral G's-Usually occurs on turns when you feel like you are stuck to the side of your seat.

Chain dogs-The mechanism used on most steel coasters for the first lift.

Camelbacks-Several adjoining hills that give you a swift change between positive and negative G's.

Pylon-Pillars or poles that hold up the track.

Head chop effect-The Mamba's helix is a good example of a head-chopper effect. It is the sensation of having somthing near pass overhead at a high speed.

Foot Chopper effect-The same concept as head-choppoer, except it is under you.

Inversions-segments that turn you upside-down.

Inverted Coasters-Coasters with the train running below the track.

Suspended Coasters-Same concept of inverted coasters, except the trains sway freeley left or right.

Hypercoaster-Term given to coasters that are dubbed as tall, fast and large. Hypercoasters are very tall and have awesome breathtaking drops.

Did you know?

Hypersonic , is the quickest known rollercoaster in the world. It lasts 17 seconds!