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This is the news page. I update it very frequently. The newer information is located at the bottom of the page.

Site opens to public! 7/19/01



Most of you who come here know that this is a brand new site. I will be working on it every chance I get. I will update the News page, listen for comments that visitors post on the sites home page. If I keep maintaning the site like I am now, and If my visitors will help give me info, I am sure that Thrillride wiil grow and expand just like all the other sites.

I am redesigning the home page 7/24/01


I will be redesigning the home page, so check back soon for a new look for my home page!

Thrillride will grow. 7/26/01

7/26/01 I am submitting this site to all the popular search engines, so people will probably be visiting this site frequently. Once people start participating, Thrillride surely will grow into a magnificent resource for all thrill seekers!

Ohio County Fair mishap 8/01/01

AP) - An antique steam-powered tractor exploded at a fairground, killing four men and injuring about 50 others a day before one of Ohio's oldest and largest county fairs was to officially open. The Sunday blast, which hurled hot oil and shrapnel up to 100 yards away, came on the eve of the 156th Medina County Fair.